Georgi FlowersPRESIDENT/CEO brings more than 20 years experience in the spa and body wrap salon business. As both a salon owner and corporate trainer, Georgi has experienced the highs and lows of the spa business from every point of view imaginable. Her expertise has been key in opening many shop locations over the years and turning them into profit-making businesses. Georgi brings extensive operational and organizational talent to the team at Perfectly Finished Spa. She knows what it takes to design, organize, build, furnish and open a spa.

Monika Duarte – ADMINISTRATOR  has dual bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Management. Her experience working with a variety of spa, salon and other service companies is a valuable asset to Perfectly Finished Spa. Her time spent managing bookkeeping and administrative services has honed her skills in the finer points of salon management. Skills she now teaches to Perfectly Finished Spa clients.

Ginger SmithMARKETING/TRAINER has been a day spa owner for 14 years and has been an international trainer for spas for 8 years. She is passionate about her career assisting spa owners treat their patients without harmful chemicals and side effects. She has trained spas to provide quality, customized services and treatments that meet clients’ needs. Ginger grew up with her mother Sally Smith in the beauty industry and followed in her footsteps at age 17. After a few years in the business; Ginger received an opportunity to work with A-list Hollywood actresses preparing for the Oscars.

She has also wrapped professional athletes and numerous Saudi Arabian Royal Family Members. One of the clients she consults for in Saudi Arabia was rated top 10 day spa in the world three years running. She has traveled from L.A. to Singapore teaching spas about body wraps and skincare.

Barbara Robaszkiewicz- SALES REP. contributes more than 15 years experience in the beauty industry as both consultant and hands-on trainer to Perfectly Finished Spa. Originally from Europe, Barbara traveled extensively working with several international companies after completing her business degree. Her passion is connecting spa owners with the best services, making each spa a unique destination to attract customers. Barbara is a true resource for coming up with innovative ways to help spas grow and become more profitable and successful

Mattie TurnerTEAM PRODUCT ADVISOR had a great interest in natural healing, especially herbs and other nutritional supplements. Spending more than 5 years as the owner and manager of her own salon has taught Mattie to incorporate her product knowledge into the sales process and increase add on revenue. Mattie also understands – and can teach you – the importance of educating clients that come through your doors.