Marketing Clients

Struggling with getting customers in the door? Does your spa staff know how to optimize sales?

Developing an effective system for marketing to both existing and potential new clients is a key component in building a profitable spa business. Combining the best in traditional media strategies with the power of online marketing and social networking expands can expand the reach of marketing messages by salons of all sizes.

Effective marketing gets prospects to take action.

Decide who your target clients are: women, men, young, senior citizen, conservative, edgy…

Make that distinction in advance so that your marketing decisions are based on meeting the needs of your targeted group. Don’t be afraid to be relatively narrow in your focus and be a specialist and authority in a particular segment of the population. Becoming an expert in a particular niche sets you apart and contributes to your brand.


  • Basic Branding of Your Salon or Spa:
  • Create a logo and ‘style guide’
  • Create a compelling name for your salon or spa business
  • Create a slogan
  • Promote your Website through Email Marketing
  • Create and Promote a Website for Your Salon or Spa:
  • Develop an Incentive System for your Customers
    to Refer their Friends and Family

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