Business Opportunity

The Market

Health and beauty business owners (including massage, tanning, day spa and more) are constantly faced with changing customer demands. What can business owners do to prepare for these changes? The key is adding services that can improve customer loyalty, and keep their income steady throughout the year. Customers are looking for solutions to help them look younger and feel better. Body wraps fit the bill perfectly!

Profit Potential

The profit potential for adding body wraps to spas and salons is enormous for the average business owner. The price for the body wrap service can vary greatly around the country. On average, a single body wrapping session can range from $90 to $200. A small to medium sized salon or spa can easily average 20 wraps per week once the business is established. Using the minimum price of $90 dollars per wrap, a salon owner could expect to generate an additional $93,000+ annually. Tanning salons, Med Spas, Massage Therapist and Chiropractors which utilize body wraps to their full potential can easily double their earnings.

The variety of types of wraps can make adding this profit center seem like a daunting task. With more than 20 years experience in the body wrap business, the team at Perfectly Finished Spa can guide you to the best system for your business. PERFECTION Body Wraps are a proven solution suitable for any type of spa.

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